Emz is one of our newest Usuals, but it seems like she's been at MCSM for an eternity as the place isn't the same without her, just like all other usuals. She enjoys RPing and being Random, she hates Noobs (Like most Originals and Usuals, some like them though. She hasn't a clue why) and RES but went on Holiday there saying "Their RP's aren't that bad" Yeah, Did they threaten you Emz? Oh and she likes this face:


and calls it "The Sarcasm-y face"

One more thing. Her names EMZ not "Chinchilla" or whatever her Account name is at the time. She will get Pissed off if you call her whatever her Username is at the time.



Catchphrases EditEdit

Emz's Catchphrases are:


  • Does Moonwalk*

and Fudge off!

This was taken from RES and also one of her Real life friend Mia, who she says says "Fudge" instead of swearing.

Friends EditEdit

Nearly all the Usuals at MCSM, but she has some Wars with Salami, but very rarely. They usually just argue.


Yes, she says Noobs are the enemy, they should be MCSM's focus. Her biggest Enemies is Shetland6, coming on and saying that she should watch Good TV Instead of "Merlin Rubbish" After this there was an Epic war, in which another Noob called kittin165 turned up and started saying she "Hates mean people" Why she didn't Kill Shetland if she Hates Mean people Emz doesn't know, but has said these two make the pair: ULTRA NOOBS!

Obsession EditEdit

She loves Harry Potter and fancies Ron Weasley, (Just like Connie-black) and has already read up to the Half-Blood Prince, and she has read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2 times! Emz is also obsessed with Chinchillas, though she doesn't mention them much on the Forums, she Loves them outside of her computer life saying "She will have a Chinchilla farm when she is older" and thinks they're "Cute".. Can I tell you one thing... Connie likes that too..


Emz is one of The Coolest Usuals EVER. She's Brill!


Emz likes to use random capital letters in her sentences (why? Go and ask her) and also thinks that informal words or statements are 'posh' when she does not even know what the hell that the means.